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How can you avoid the data theft of secret data such as patient information, bank data or customer data, balance sheets, passwords and electronic documents for your company without even being liable for it?

System security and data protection

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Identify threats to your business early, enabling you to implement the right protective measures.



CYBERBELT© guarantees you cybersecurity and data protection with a state-approved test report based on current laws, standards and guidelines.


Your online systems are tested and monitored based on the current state of technology with use of powerful tools, data collection and targeted attacks.

On a weekly or monthly basis, according to your risk classification, you receive a personalised overall report on the health of your systems with critical, high and medium vulnerabilities that need to be immediately rectified by you or your service provider. 


Due to certification of the systems tested by us, ZTP is liable for the security of your systems should any security gaps have been caused on our part by testing errors.

Your direct advantages

  • Increased protection of sensitive company data from unauthorised access due to our testing activities
  • Evaluation of vulnerabilities into high, medium and low risks
  • Information on establishing a defence strategy
  • Reduction of liability risk in the event of damage by attackers
  • Objectivity and professional expertise
  • Technical test report for the annual audit
  • State-certified security certificate

The CYBERBELT©-security formula.

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The audit is an efficient security-related control of standard IT components and IT protection mechanisms.